Broken, I am,
Decayed, My heart,
Confused, My mind,
Mislead from the start.

Crippled, my ego,
Fractured, my spirit,
Wrinkled, my youth,
I was nowhere near it.

Tarnished, my past,
Crux, my future,
Stuck, the present,
All can’t be sutured.

Lessons learned,
Scorn achieved,
Jaded is the self,
for which has been received.

No magic pill,
No rainbow in sight,
No unicorn to ride,
In the this dark night.

poetry lostlove melancholy

it’s probably silly. It’s probably that time of the month when emotions run high. It’s probably just some glitch in my emotional makeup. Is it? There are instances when I remember your voice or I recall your smile or how you watched soccer with me on Saturdays. Those instances are like someone punching their fist into my chest. I miss being adored. I miss being at your side and you always fighting for me even when I was annoyed. I miss how you used to call me every day.  Now all I have is silence. 

When i come home all I want is for you to be there so you’ll listen to me about my day. How you’d get riled up with me, how you’d feel the way I felt or empathized with what was happening to me. I miss how we used to meet up and drink whiskey together. I miss how you appreciated me. I sometimes took that for granted. There were days I didn’t want you to touch me. There were nights when I wished I was alone and there were mornings when I questioned our union. 

Today…all I want…is to hear you…to laugh with you…to make up stupid jokes and to eat pizza with you. All I have is silence. A broken heart. A tarnished soul and no one to  pick up these wretched pieces.

Dave watkins doing some magical stuff here… (at GlobeHopper Coffeehouse & Lounge)

the vice around my heart is becoming commonplace.